Black dragon online dating Virt sex chat gratis

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Since then he's moved on to his own personal game site (along with a business and personal blog) where he regularly updates and talks about how he manages his rotation and the nature of women.

Probably his biggest stand-out trait is his attitude to non-monogamy.

While allowing his women to sleep with other men is very controversial, I really admire his objective, rational philosophy and how he has structured his life around maximum freedom and long term happiness. Hey, sometimes it's the other guys girl, you're just borrowing her.

Black Dragon has been around the Manosphere practically since it's inception.

He started out as a poster on the old Fast Seduction forums, being a proponent of polyamory and specialising in Online Dating.

I mean, I've got MY girl, who I love and takes great care of me, but the rest I don't expect much out of.

They're in and out of your life, they'll be obsessively in love, they'll run hot and cold or whatever, and then they're gone.

Is there anything in particular that stands out to you as being full of shit? I've had girls come back out of the blue months or years later to start fucking me after leaving because I wouldn't commit. A common occurrence with Alphas in nonmonogamous relationships where a woman leaves the Alpha, who will not give her monogamy, so she can get a traditional boyfriend or husband who will.

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