Birmingham dating agencies dating scam black list

by  |  29-Nov-2015 10:48

Hundreds of wealthy high-fliers in Birmingham are forking out up to £7,000 a year in a bid to find lasting love by joining a new exclusive dating agency.

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“People that come to me are very often happy with their lives but, ultimately, everyone wants to be in a relationship.

“Everyone is a lot more cautious, especially if they are in a wealthy position – they do not want to get fleeced.” Emma said groups of predatory women were targeting wealthy men in London and the gold-digger trend was spreading to Birmingham and elsewhere.

"Scarily, it goes the other way, too, but I think that women are more astute, and are often better judges of character, but we can all be bowled over by charm.” She said today’s ‘throwaway society’ was posing big problems for lasting relationships.

“Ultimately, I doubted monogamy and whether we were genetically wired to stay with the same partner for life – it is much easier to get a divorce.

Berkeley branched out into Birmingham following a launch in London, and client director Emma Budgen said demand had been considerable among lovelorn business leaders, keen to avoid gold-diggers.

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