Rich adults chat room - Best friend dating little sister

by  |  05-Jul-2015 16:13

I can't really have my friend over anymore, because she just ends up hanging out with my sister.

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The thing is, from the beginning he told me he didn't wanted to have anything serious.

At first I was fine, but then I started to gain feelings, so I stopped it.

He was my first man, and I still feel things for him.

He is special to me, but he still doesn't want to have anything serious.

Its a little complicated issue when you date your bestfriends sister. You should have a talk with him/her that you really love his/her sis and care about her. if she hates you dont dump him if you love him just tell her to grow up im going out with my bestfriends twin and she didnt like me but i told her its up to dylan(my boyfriend) and not her and now we are all friend Tbh I think it's a bad idea.

Best friend dating little sister

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