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CA: On January 16, 2001, Michael Bowers, 37, rammed a tractor-trailer into the state capitol where it burst into flames. An exconvict with numerous trips through local prisons and jails, Bowers had a history of mental illness.CA: On February 16, 2001, Brice Johnsen, a guard at the Wasco State Prison, was arrested, at his divorce lawyer's office in Bakersfield on suspicion of possessing explosive devices and prohibited weapons.Starkey told jail officials he had climbed into the tower to search for mail from his girlfriend, a prisoner at the jail.

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The FBI launched an investigation after Murphy wrote them for help.

Police also found armor-piercing bullets, manuals on making bombs and silencers, and magazines for automatic weapons.

Johnsen's estranged wife, Linda, 37, had reported the explosives in their home after Johnsen kicked her five-year-old son with his steel-toed prison boots.

The same jury acquitted guards Rena Symonette and Brigitta Mas in the beating.

FL: On January 24, 2001, Wayne Starkey, 35, was arrested and charged with burglary for climbing into a guard tower to break into the Volusia County Corrections Facility in Daytona Beach.

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