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Cindy…damn, you can almost smell her on the napkin. So you didn’t do something I STRESS which is make an emotional connection. The next day at home, you find the folded napkin in your pocket. It’s actually – at the time – not a horrible thing to do. However – for me, I’d rather she said, “Get lost” so I could use the rest of my night pursuing someone else who WAS interested – but you have to imagine being a beautiful woman who gets approached by dozens, if not hundreds, of guys per week. In a lot of cases, what happens is – you just had a brief encounter with Cindy and probably didn’t spend more than 2-3 minutes with her and her friends.

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But, she gave me her real number, so I know she likes me, and she’ll call back! They aren’t attracted to you – but they know they have the power based on your supplicating position.

It doesn’t mean she’s a bad person or an attention whore – well, not necessarily. But in general, we all have days when we could use a little boost, and we succumb to our own egos. 2) She is Way Too Nice: Some women are just too nice.

So, she gives you her number, knowing full fucking well that she has no intention of returning any texts or calls. 3) You Called Too Soon – You Called Too Late: You have read 1000 different rules on how long you should wait to call. The truth is the time varies depending on every situation.

They think it’s so sweet and cute that you came over to them, they can’t shoot you down, like a little puppy they would adopt if they had the time and a landlord that allowed pets.

That is, the more you get, the better you get at getting your phone to ring back. Confidence is up, smells good – just got back from the gym earlier that day. But as you wander out of the club you remember that the tall, slim, exotic beauty gave you her number. 4) The Damned Voicemail Message You may have done everything right when you met – used all my techniques and you were smooth and confident in the opener, charmed her and had her laughing, and waited 2-3 days to call.

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