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Honestly, when I was a teenager I did not go through much because I was not allowed to have a boyfriend. Now they’re really mine so I sing them a little differently, with a lot more conviction. Call me that, sure, but I have some things up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share, because I don’t feel like I’ve been able to give the world the best of me just yet but I will. I’m more focused on making sure people find a message, something to elevate in every project.You know you go through life, you live and learn and come out better because these experiences make you stronger. I’m very aware and conscious to make sure I leave something of value behind. I would love to get into directing and interviewing.

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So it’s just living proof of what women can do when we come together.

Missy Elliott is just that ultimate producer who is so cool and every time you run into her she’s like a sister, and then there’s Patti who’s like a Godmother to us all.

We definitely support each other professionally and personally, and we respect each other. I can totally relate to a lot of my songs that I sang earlier as a teenager, that I could connect to only through other people’s experiences at the time.

every time you go through a split, there's no denying you've been given a serious dose of the feels by Mýa at some point. don't even lie, you definitely tried to dance like Mýa at some point. I would say meeting Prince and Michael Jackson was the icing on the cake.

Her iconic Rn B tracks practically shaped the 2000s scene, and she's about to hit up the land down under for an epic Australian tour with Nelly, TLC, Blackstreet and more. Watching them as a child and through my teen years, being inspired by the music, and getting to meet them.

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