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The style of the film inspired a whole phase of discovery of fashion for me. They’re dresses for modern day women, but it does have the romance, the ethereal quality, and the drama. You get to see not only an evolution of the fashions of the day, but you see a whole revolution in socio-economic history through her personal character. But being named Austin Lee Scarlett, I’ve had this assumed association with the South. ROSIE THE RIVETER Another prescient soul, Rosie O’Donnell, has long known the importance of fostering the cultural aspirations of the young.

The new production has a diverse cast playing the wacky, free-spirited Sycamore family, the normal daughter, the uptight visitors, and the bonkers drop-ins. He’s brill.) NAKED LUNCH But take this with you: At the New York Film Festival, I caught David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars, a disturbing but often funny look at the disfigured side of the filmmaking business.

Not a shy boy, the flamboyantly fabulous Austin Scarlett has long had an affinity for classic style, as embodied by the golden age of Hollywood dressup. [laughs] PRIDE (A DEEPER LOVE) But enough about Hollywood’s golden glories.

And he now gets to revel in his obsession with bows on. Austin Scarlett: It’s the 75 anniversary of the film’s release. I‘ve been researching the original costumes, which are at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, Texas. And I think someone like Pharrell Williams looks great. No one makes a feelgood movie about underdogs like the British.

The first time I ever saw the film, I knew the name because my last name is Scarlett. Even Mammy’s red petticoat and her simple but dignified ensembles are iconic. I moved to the dorms at FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology] when I was 16, so I’d been around a little bit. I don’t know what he did with them after all these years. She’s just so polished and perfected that she’s always been one of my greatest icons. And I love the total vamp glamour of Sofia Vergara. Best of all is the fact that both groups—the gays and the miners—realize it’s oppression that binds them and friendship that lifts them.

When I finally saw the film, I was 12 and was completely swept away by the beauty and romance of it all. Scarlett has so many great costumes, besides her curtain dress. And the sweetest moment has a character revealing he’s gay, to which his longtime friend admits she’s known that since 1968!

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