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"Assortative mating — like partnering with like — occurs over just about every human dimension, be it height, income, education or intelligence," says Kiwi economist Simon Chapple.

With girls doing better at school than boys, and more women than men gaining tertiary qualifications, women are having a harder time finding their educational equals.

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The Wellington-based business graduate finds there is a dearth of Kiwi men on the same educational wavelength and she is reluctantly lowering her sights.

"I was in Tokyo and Malaysia for four years and dating wasn't a problem," Kininmonth says.

Social and economic researcher Paul Callister says male under-representation in education is cause for concern — not only for women in the dating market, but for society as a whole.

"The real drought is the educational man drought," he says.

The number of people obtaining higher qualifications has risen significantly since the 1980s, but it's women who are well out in front — there are 155 females aged 30-34 with a degree or higher educational qualification for every 100 males in that age and qualification group.

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