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This article will give you an overview of how to use an ASP.

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I did some google searches, and there were examples out there but it just isn't making sense. Hi, I would first suggest that you use the Template Columns instead of the Bound Columns this way you are not dependent on the index/position of the column in the Grid View. the problem is still saving the edits done by the user to the gridview in edit mode.

In the code below I have shown how you can extract the new values from the textboxes inside the Grid View. Below is my ASP, and then my C# code (notes to myself and all, ha ha) ASPX: using System; using System.

Text; // Now send the values to the databae and update it!

Find Control("txt Category Description") as Text Box).

User Name; Main Data Load(); } protected void Main Grid View_Row Data Bound(object sender, Grid View Row Event Args e) { //Main Grid View. Connection Strings["Daily Readiness TESTConnection String"].

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