Application note 16 updating mc75i firmware

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application note 16 updating mc75i firmware-49

If you would like to see what changes were implemented in a firmware revision before updating, refer to the Aurora Firmware Release Notes / Revision History. If you prefer to program the Aurora yourself, you can do so by one of the following methods: 1) Windows PC via Lynx AES16 Audio Interface 2) Windows PC via MIDI or Ir DA 3) OSX Macintosh via Lynx AES16 Audio Interface 4) OSX Macintosh via MIDI Connect the 26-pin side to the AES16 Port A connector and the 25-pin side to the Aurora AES I/O 1-8 (Port A) Digital I/O connector. If your AES16 is a Rev A or Rev NC, replace with a Rev B unit or contact Lynx for a solution.

Aurora customers have two options available for updating to the latest firmware: 1) Customers may ship their Aurora to the Lynx factory for updating. If you wish to send your Aurora back to the factory for updating, please contact our Technical Support Department at (714) 545-4700 x 206 to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (R. Note: you can also use the CBL-AES1604 connected to the CBL-DIGY85 as an alternative, in which case you would connect the Outs from the AES16 to the Ins on the Aurora and vice versa. Keep the "About Lynx Mixer" window open for steps 3-5, and refer to the graphic below for details.

After 10 seconds, re-connect AC power and press the Power button to turn the unit back on.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have multiple Auroras connected to multiple AES16s, you may upgrade each of them by re-running the Aurora Update program, selecting the desired Aurora to upgrade by clicking on the "Select Unit to Update" dropdown, then clicking the "Update" button.

Here are the steps to successfully update your Aurora firmware via MIDI/Ir DA: 1) Determine the Aurora firmware revision.

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