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In many ways, Maher sees himself carrying the new “White Man’s Burden,” censuring the Arab and Muslim world for its “backward” ways, while failing to recognize the role the imperialist West has played in consistently destroying democracy and propping-up dictatorships in the region.

In this column’s second installment, I wrote further of what I called Maher’s “anti-religious fundamentalism,” and how it informs a most, er, uninformed global perspective.

Maher is simply a “truth-lover,” out there on the front line, crawling through the trenches, duking it out with all of the world’s evils: religion, the G. In little time, however, I came to see that many of Maher’s critiques, lacking in substance, make up for their evidential deficiencies by appealing to thinly-disguised racist, sexist, and classist stereotypes.

In place of attacking ideas, Maher tends to attack character.

I noted his relentless partisanism and dogmatic support for Obama and the Democratic Party, a small handful of exceptions notwithstanding.

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