Angela simmons terry kennedy still dating

by  |  03-Mar-2016 05:50

star Angela Simmons dating rapper Bow Wow after reports surfaced that the two were spotted hitting the town together on several occasions.

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There would be nothing for you to talk about…But instead they got into a little "battle" or "trash talking" and gave people like you, and all the other blogs, something to talk about…

I won’t publish it here because he’s quite the potty mouth in it LOL but it’s on if you want to look it up. I hope she’s found somebody better with which to spend Valentine’s Day.

Anyway in the vid, the pro skateboarder shows off his own TK Society Supra sneakers coming out later this spring. You guys dont know the whole story…its not like Terry Kennedy started this…Bow Wow started this whole thing, TK is just responding to what has been said already by Bow Wow…This has been going on for a little while now, and does not involve Angela what so ever…I dont know TK or Bow Wow personally but i know what has been going back and fourth between the two… On the one hand it would be nice to hear TK's side of the story but then it's hard to feel him when he gets all trashmouth like that.

because he just looks wrong when he goes off like that.

In the hip hop industry you dont ignore the haters…you welcome them…you welcome stuff like this cause it gets people talking and keeps you in the news…

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