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TV presenter/model Alexa Chung and Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård are getting serious about their relationship.

The 31-year-old British national and the 38-year-old actor, well known for his role as vampire Eric Northman on the HBO series True Blood, are reportedly planning to get engaged.

Alexa Chung is finally opening up about her boyfriend, Alexander Skarsgard — well, sort of.

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According to Grazia magazine, the two recently shortlisted a luxurious stately home in England as their wedding destination.

A source said, as quoted by the Belfast Telegraph: "Alexa has told friends that this would be her dream wedding location – and now they are saying that they wouldn't be surprised if an engagement was on the way.""Alexa's relationship with Alex is going great," the insider added.

Kidding aside, Skarsgard worked hard for his ripped body. Porter's The Journal that he ate 7,000 calories a day to beef up.

The British model mocked how her hunk got in shape for his latest movie, The Legend of Tarzan, in an Instagram post Tuesday, July 5."Human. #tarzan I spent 6 months eating high protein meals 5 times a day and suffering through hefty regular workouts to prepare for this Instagram," Chung, 32, captioned a post.

"Unclear what the other guy did."In the pic, the actress stood in front of the movie's posters, which showed a shirtless (and ripped! Chung, meanwhile, scrunched her nose and tried to look as tough as possible.

Alexander skarsgard who is he dating

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