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by  |  30-Apr-2016 15:37

Alex O’Loughlin’s ship has finally come in – packed to the gunwhales with colourful villains, wisecracking cops and bikini-clad femme fatales.

Nearly halfway through my interview with actor Alex O’Loughlin, the conversation takes an unexpected turn.

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It’s asked partly in jest — another of the actor’s self-deprecating asides that scatter our conversation — and partly in an attempt to defuse any accusation of pretentiousness. Nevertheless, I am left with a sense that Alex O’Loughlin is a bit of a livewire.

He’s been talking about being in his mid-30s, heading towards that dreaded period in which you are forced to ask yourself — what is truly important to me?

When I share some of my own fears with O’Loughlin, he recommends that I read Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet. “Am I going to sound like a cunt when this interview comes out?

Only loosely based on the original (this version is spelled with a zero, as in Hawaii Five-2.0) the new show sees O’Loughlin play Steve Mc Garrett, a Navy SEAL looking to avenge the death of his father as head of a multicultural hit squad given carte blanche by the island state’s governor.

The show is pure old-fashioned, suspension-of-disbelief entertainment, of the sort in which gorgeous female detectives have fistfights in bikinis and downtown Honolulu sees more explosions than Baghdad.

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