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If you're past all of that, discover the solution that thousands of people have come to trust; Professional Matchmaking.

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Each match has been verified in person, is compatible with you, and is sincerely looking for a lasting relationship. You just go on fun dates and be yourself with exceptional singles who can appreciate you.

Relationships founded by chance may have worked for your parents, but with today's divorce rate, it's hard to defend it as a sound approach.

And when you subtract the people that persevere in bad relationships, it seems that truly fulfilling relationships are out of reach for most of us.

Still, what could be more important in your life than finding the right partner to spend it with?

That's what Matchmaking offers; a proactive approach to happiness. If you've been dating in Nebraska, you may have a small circle of friends or even dozens. We work with all types from those who 'just haven't found he right one yet' to professionals with high standards, to seniors who have lost their partners and wouldn't know where to begin looking for companionship in today's world. The team behind Nebraska Dating brings decades of experience and a proven track record.

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