Adult cam chat for ipads

by  |  20-May-2016 18:33

I roll my eyes when I read tweets by other escorts which imply that they’ve got money problems, the same boys and girls who will tell you about their overnight a few days ago and the lavish gifts that they were presented with.

Many escorts let the money slip through their fingers like sand and need the fix of their next appointment to pay the bills that matter, however you need to invest in your service to gain new clients and by that I mean invest in yourself, not the latest bag from Mulberry or Michael Kors.

I do quite a number of overnight appointments, I travel to see guys throughout the UK and Europe and I need to look good and that “looking good lark” costs money.

I don’t think I look my age, some men probably don’t agree with me, but I don’t think I do.

I also work as an accountant, so I am very good at bookkeeping and guys wonder at times why someone with a nice house, like I have, with professional qualifications, would want to sell their sexual services to other men.

I fell into this completely by accident, I didn’t just wake up one day and think “Gee….

I charge £90 for the first hour to visit me and £100 for an hour to visit a guy locally.

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