Adult australian dating site

by  |  18-May-2015 12:52

After all this time and a number of similar episodes of utter rubbish it is my conclusion the site it complete crap! Latest Review: Carnt ever talk to anybody when i complained they were rude and told me thanks for vancelling you membership which i hadnt cancelled at all ive payed 4 months ahead and i have not spoken to more...Latest Review: Olderdatingonline initiate mass introductions and initiate false "want to meet you messages".Latest Review: This is my favourite dating website by far.

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Latest Review: I have been a member of this site for some time in Australia...

Latest Review: I have had my account deleted on many occasions.

Latest Review: Majority of profiles appear to be computer generated.

If you attempt to contact a person via the IM system, as soon as you hit send the person suddenly becomes off line. Latest Review: must be writing its own profiles to lure subscribers in.

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