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We went to singles nights and just observed how it all worked, and [thought about] how we could make it better and more appropriate for people who'd want to use our service," she says.

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Who: Llewellyn Williams Age: 29 Where: Canberra, ACT Company: Black Match What they've done: Started an Indigenous online dating service "It's so great to see so many good-looking Aboriginal men and women from across Australia.

They're on there, they're styling and they look deadly." Listening to an office mate's tales about online dating gave Llewellyn Williams and her business partner Majella Andrews an idea.

Before the site could be built, Llewellyn and Majella had to research the market.

To get an idea of what they wanted they spent hours looking at other online dating sites both here and in Australia."We also attended events that online dating services provided.

It was a hit."It really confirmed to us that there was a need for more social events, not just in NAIDOC week.

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