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We commend the efforts of the neighboring countries, the regional countries, the African Union, the League of Arab States, the European Union, and the United Nations to contribute to achieving these goals.

We reiterate our full political backing for the efforts of Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General Martin Kobler and commend his recent outreach to various Libyan communities. The GNA faces critical security challenges, but it does not face them alone.

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Home » Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs » Bureau of Public Affairs » Bureau of Public Affairs: Office of Press Relations » Press Releases » Press Releases: 2016 » Press Releases: May 2016 » Ministerial Meeting for Libya Joint Communique We welcome the presence of Prime Minister al-Sarraj and commend his leadership in guiding Libya’s institutions through seating the government in Tripoli, a turning point in the Libyan political process.

We express our strong support for the Libyan people in maintaining the unity of Libya.

All segments of society from all Libya’s regions must find their rightful place in the political process and contribute to charting the path towards stability.

We encourage Libya’s new authorities to strengthen their outreach inside Libya and seek effective mechanisms for a dialogue to support reconciliation.

We express our solidarity with the Libyan people in the face of the humanitarian and economic hardship that the political crisis has created.

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